Edmarys Menendez is a charismatic and motivated young women. She isn't afraid to try new encounters and commits to everything she decides to be part of. She is a dancer since the age of five and has participated in several National Competitions throughout the years and has won first and second place in most. She has been in beauty pageants earning plaques and titles and was recently crowned as the Miss Worldwide International Queen representing Cuba for  2016. She's been in the modeling industry for 5 years and will now start her second year as a DAMA assistant. Aside from school plays as a child, she began acting professionally about a year ago. She graduated with Honors at Miami Dade College and earned her degree in English and is working on her Bachelors in Journalism. She recently started her own show on a YouTube channel and Facebook LIVE called, "Vida y Amor con Edmarys."  She will soon release her own book and is excited to see what her future has in store.

Yennifer Dominguez


Rafael Rincon is a Colombian photographer who has been in the fashion and photography industry for over 7 years.  He is a very positive and happy photographer who loves what he does. He has been DAMA photographer for 3 years now and enjoys meeting and working with the girls. For more information on his work and contact go to www.rshoot.com  

Josie Garcia


Edmarys Menendez

Yennifer Dominguez  is a loving, patient caring person who lives to help others and to overcome any possible obstacle. She is a very determined young woman who breaks barriers and starves to succeed in the goals she set for herself. She is now enrolled in Miami Dade College as a full-time student majoring in Occupational Therapy. Her plans are to finish her associates as an occupational therapist assistant and start the masters program in Florida International University. She started in DAMA as a student over a year ago where she participated in many events, fashion shows and shoots. Now she is part of DAMA staff and is looking forward in growing as a professional.

Rafael Rincon


Josie Garcia is an active member of the National Thespian Club since High School, she has been involve in the performing arts since she was a toddler, with 10 years of dance to 3 years of acting. Modeling is her way of expressing herself through a camera lens. Josie is hard-working and passionate when it comes to this business. She's currently enrolled in Miami Dade College finishing her associates in Mass Communications and Journalism. She hopes to one day become successful in entertainment, Josie believes that no matter how high your dreams are, if you put hard work and dedication you can do anything.