Ariel Cubas has more than 20 years of experience as a hair stylist, performer and educator. He became DAMA official hair stylist/ teacher  3 years ago. He is also a platform artist who teaches at other salons representing Aloxxi Hair company. In addition, Ariel owns A'Kut Salon and his  goal is to excel his technical skills in order to give his customers the best image crafting, guest care and treatment.  You can see his work on Telemundo Network red carpet events such as Tu Mundo Awards, Billboard Awards and many more. Go to his website for more information WWW.AKUTSALON.COM

Nathalie Quinones is a very driven young lady who loves fashion and events. She started in DAMA as a student over 4 years ago.  While in classes she participated in many events, fashion shows, pageants, music videos, galas  and many photo shoots. At only 5'0 feet tall, she has able to compete in pageants like Miss USA Petite where she won the title and many special awards. Also she has worked for many fashion designers and have become the main model for fashion campaigns. Now she is part of DAMA staff and is looking forward in growing as a professional in the event and professional world. 

Rafael Rincon is a Colombian photographer who has been in the fashion and photography industry for over 10 years.  He is a very positive and happy photographer who loves what he does. He has been DAMA photographer for 4 years now and enjoys meeting and working with the girls. He also is does photography workshops teaching other photographers the importance of lighting and angles.  For more information on his work and contact information go to his website WWW.RSHOOT.COM

Sergio Meso  



Nathalie Quinones 

Natalie E. Diego is current student.  She is currently working for DAMA SCHOOL as the head assistant as well as an event coordinator for corporate events and showcases. She was a student for DAMA SCHOOL for about a year until she was offered this outstanding opportunity to work for DAMA. She is beyond a privilege to work with DAMA SCHOOL because she learns techniques a professional level. Working in DAMA SCHOOL definitely Her plans are to open doors to new opportunities that will better her in every which way both professional and personal.

Rafael Rincon

Ariel Cubas  



Sergio Meso current Mr. Latino USA Model 2018 is a Cuban model who has an associates degree in Mass Communications and is currently studying for his bachelors degree at Florida International University as a Broadcast Media major student. Since a little kid, Meso has been passionate about the communications industry. At age 16, he started getting involved in the field by doing small contributions to Univision Network’s shows, Sábado Gigante and Nuestra Belleza Latina. The experiences in  these two hit television family programs offered him the tools and knowledge to go for me professional experiences. In 2015, after the show Sábado Gigante went off air, Meso started working in several other productions such as La Banda season 1 & 2, Premios Juventud and Premio Lo Nuestro in different editions. Meso has also worked with dancers, beauty queens, actresses, and recognized models such as Damaris Aguiar, Alina Robert and Lisandra Silva as an expert in image management and social media specialist. Meso has also worked with the many of the Nuestra Belleza Latina finalists prior, during and after their participation in the reality show. His background knowledge in the communications world doesn’t end there as he makes appearances in recognized radio and television shows as a model and speaker of the organization he represents as Mr. Latino USA Model. Some of the shows and events in which he has appeared include Un Nuevo Día, Michael Kors brand ambassador, Kingdom Radio 94.5 FM, Radio Voz Mundial 98.7 FM, Macy’s fashion shows, DAMA Fashion Shows, among others. “Every person has the ability to learn something new and to be better at it everyday” says Meso and that’s why he continues to take classes to grow in both aspects, individually and professionally. The communicator whitin Meso keeps looking for new opportunities like the one of sharing his knowledge and experiences with the DAMA students, which may include students of both sexes and all ages.

Natalie E. Diego