We RENT our PINK  carpet and flower backdrop for baby showers, birthdays bachelorettes parties, Quinces & Sweet 16th, other parties and events. If you want more information on how to rent them, please contact us at info@damaschool.com.

DAMA students are the official models for MACY'S South Florida, where they model at monthly fashion shows and showcases. As well as boutique, events and designers.

Beauty pageants   

 This is the perfect time for parents and friends to come and support our students in such important event where our dolls get awarded it for their hard work and dedication throughout the year at DAMA.

DAMA SCHOOL   I  5870 W FLAGLER, MIAMI, FL 33144  I   786.325.1102  I  INFO@DAMASCHOOL.COM

Once a year DAMA hosts their annual Fashion Show with DAMA students, alumni, guest models and celebrities models showcasing the latest trends of local and international designers and boutiques.

fashion shows  

DAMA queens get prepared to win a pageant and have an amazing experience. Many of our winners have traveled the world to compete at international pageants representing their countries.