Britney Gazo  - Cuban American 

I have been with DAMA School for about the past 3 years and it has been such a wonderful experience! Not only do you get to learn new techniques to become a better model, but you become a part of a family. DAMA is just like my second family. Whenever one of us needs some advice on whether to post a picture on Instagram or for something to wear, we're here to help out each other and i honestly couldn't have asked for a better second family. I love them all! 

Ismary Ledesma  - Cuban American 

DAMA is an amazing academy where you don't only learn how to walk and pose but you also learn how to be a lady and a friend. When I entered DAMA I didn't have confidence whatsoever but with each event and class I took I became better and better I have been a dama student for around 2 years and I have already learned what being a lady is all about and that's thanks to Miss Damaris  she helped me achieve my dream of being a model with helping me every step of the way she is not only our teacher but she is our friend me and all the girls at DAMA SCHOOL have completely confidence and trust on her I love how she teaches and how she never gives up I would like to thank everyone that supports me on my path too success and I recommend 110% DAMA SCHOOL to every young girl that likes to have her 5 minutes of fame to join us and be a part of our huge family we don't only learn but we have fun and get a chance to meet new people every day.

Fabiola Fernandez - Cuban American 

My experience at DAMA has been exceptional. When I first began at the age of six, I was a shy, young girl, not knowing what I was exactly getting myself into. I took a leap of faith, and went in with an open mind. I am extremely glad I did. It has turned into an amazing journey. I have gained the skills needed to be successful as a model while, at the same time, shaping my character, teaching me what it means to be a professional in all I do, and have integrity in everything I do. My confidence has soared tremendously. I have learned that your first step, whether it is on the runway or in daily life, must always be taken with purpose. This experience has allowed me to also see others embrace themselves in a positive way while growing their confidence. Ms. Damaris has shown me life skills that I will forever use. Not only does she focus on the outside of the person, but also the inside. With her help, I have learned so much about myself, leadership, self independence, motivation, confidence, etiquette, and so much more. I’ve also won many awards and competitions with her as my mentor. I am very thankful for all that she has taught me and everything she will continue to teach me. I have been blessed to call these beautiful people at DAMA my second family, and I am forever grateful. Joining the DAMA family is an experience all girls should have.

Natalie Diego - Cuban American 

I have been in DAMA School for two months and being here has already taught me so much. Although, I have known Miss Damaris, worked, and been acquainted with DAMA for almost 5 years, having ample time spent with her and the girls. She is such an intelligent, hard working and credible professor within our school. She makes sure we are always "on top of our game". She makes sure we, as each one of us represents DAMA School, are well prepared, ready, courteous, professional and most of all kind. As we are a school, we have classes. Our classes consist of training and empowerment in order to be prepared for a future job as a model whether it be in pageantry, high fashion runway, photography, and more. DAMA provides the knowledge and tools in order to gain as much experience possible to succeed in modeling, be it your hobby or career. Responsibility, etiquette, manners, and so much more are among the thing we learn in DAMA, but most of all we are a family. We are one of the only schools who have a proper graduation for the students to show our friends and loved ones what we as a class have learned in DAMA School. We create a portfolio from photoshoots and shows we have attended to build credibility and demonstrate the experience we gain from this wonderful school. I am very grateful to be able to belong in such place. Being in DAMA is an experience all young girls should have. 

Catherine Gutierrez - Cuban American 

One of the best decisions I have made as a teen was signing up for DAMA SCHOOLl. It felt like a family ever since I started. They are a great place to go if you want to learn about the modeling industry, work with amazing people, and gain experience that will last a lifetime. DAMA SCHOOL  provides me with opportunities to work in the modeling industry doing runway shows and working with many photographers in South Florida. DAMA SCHOOL helped me gain confidence, poise, and style skills that will continue to benefit me for years to come.  Miss Damaris has taught me many skills to be a model, including public speaking, proper etiquette, and to keep growing as an individual. I have been in DAMA for two years now and i can't wait to continue learning and having a great time with everything we learn and do.

Alison Ariza - Colombian 

My experience at DAMA SCHOOL has been so amazing and fulfilling. Being part of it has taught me so much professionally and personally. At DAMA we don't just learn about modeling, we also learn leadership and tools  that we can use in our daily lives. Our teacher Miss Damaris Aguiar isn't just an instructor she ends up being your friend and mentor, she teaches us everything about what a lady should be. I'm so grateful everyday to have been able to be a part of it this team and family because without DAMA SCHOOL I would have not achieved half of the things I've done. Thanks to this amazing experience I decided what I wanted to study and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I love modeling and I live for it. I'm now studying Mass Communications because I love being in front of the cameras,  I love reaching the audience and talking to them and that is all thanks to my experience at DAMA SCHOOL. I also will continue modeling as I am still doing it today. I'm very thankful for everything Miss Damaris does for DAMA and her students. She is an amazing person and mentor. 


Lourdes Feliu - Cuban American 

DAMA SCHOOL is an amazing place to learn about modeling, pageantry, public speaking, manners and much more. A great environment for all girls willing to learn and work hard for what they want or who they want to be. In my experience with DAMA SCHOOL, Ive had an amazing time at events, shows, shoots and classes. My favorite things to do are the catwalks, photo shoots and video shoots. DAMA give us the opportunity to do all and much more. It's also a great place to make new friends and grow as a person. I won my first beauty pageant because of DAMA, Miss Damaris teach us to be unique and  be ourselves.  Even if you don't want to be a model as a career, this is a great school to learn more than just modeling. For a shy person like I once was it is the perfect place to get out of your shell and be outgoing. I recommend DAMA SCHOOL to all my friends and everyone i meet. 

Jordyn Lowenstein - American 

DAMA SCHOOL has made me feel more confident in my own skin because i used to be a bit shy and as well as helping me to be a better mode and be confident in front of the cameras and people. I have met so many amazing girls who i can call my friends  and I became very close with so many of them that i get to hang out with outside of DAMA classes. My overall experience in DAMA SCHOOL  has been great and i can't wait for many more classes and learn as much as possible.